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69 Highlights


As we finally find the entrance to the vast area of the Australian Open, we do not have the feeling to enter a sports event but rather a protected selfie zone and a food court with junk food all over the place. The ratio between tennis players, fit as a fiddle, and overweight people is tremendous. Later, as we enter the famous Rod Laver Arena, we cannot believe our ears; is this a porno production in progress: Two Russian women shrieking with each blow; 69 orgasms per game. As grey nomads we are completely exhausted by the end of the match; should have brought our earplugs.
Strange behaviour also from a Spanish player: before each service he touches his buttocks, then his left ear, his nose, his right ear. Is this a new kind of yoga meditation we should do before each tacking and jibing while sailing along the Australian coast?
Another highlight to us is of course a Swiss player. The only sound he produces is one single "chumm jetz". What a lovely familiar sound to our ears after all the moaning.
Then we see Martina and Leander playing Mixed, and we finally realize that playing an ATP tournament can be fun for the players. No butt scratching, no moaning, no shrieking, no racket throwing, but freewheeling, smiling, sparkling with joy.

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