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All You Need Is Love


Sadness all over as we visit the Australian War Memorial in Canberra, where 102'000 names are engraved on bronze plaques. 102'000 Australians killed in the wars of the Commonwealth - and counting.
In the evening we hear about the massacre in Paris and we wonder if this is the beginning of another religious war.
And if so, isn’t the expression "religious war" a contradiction in terms?
And why are atrocities done in the name of a religion?
And where is the difference between a religion as terror and terror as a religion?
And what is a religion really for?
And why are all the founders of a religion of male sex?

The word "religion" is derived from the Latin word "religio". In Latin "religio" also means:


We were lucky to get tickets for a concert at the Sydney Opera House. It was wonderful to hear 2600 people singing all together "Hey Jude" and "All you need is love", not far away from the Lindt Café. And as we write this down 40'000 people in Kopenhagen are singing "Imagine".
Everything is said with three songs.

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